Barrel Contours

Pac-Nor uses a CNC turning lathe for profiling its wide variety of barrels, with over 300 of the most popular contours in memory. Most factory contours can be closely duplicated. Contours are held to within .005″.

As most factory contours vary slightly, for a more precise barrel-to-stock fit, it is recommended to remove and send your barrel to be measured and machined from its contour. From the lightest to the heaviest contours, Pac-Nor can duplicate, design or modify contours to suit your needs, for a $35.00 charge. Custom contours are drawn, programmed and retained in memory for approximately 3 months. If you wish us to keep yours for later orders, please specify at the outset and we will do so.

NOTE:   Standard barrel pricing is for 28″ lengths. Longer barrels are priced at an additional $11.00 per inch up to 34″, then $25.00 per inch up to 40″.